Pennwoods 13 to 36 – Advanced

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Growth & Performance Supplement

Formulated to complete any forage consumed by the horse.

Pennwoods 13 to 36–Advanced is a blend of milk and vegetable protein fortified with high fat, macro and organic micro elements and vitamins formulated to promote growth and performance in horses from one to three years of age. Adding Pennwoods 13 to 36–Advanced will provide the specific nutrients needed for post-weanling to pre-adult animals. Adding Pennwoods 13 to 36–Advanced to the diet of horses this age will provide:

  • Maximum levels of fat, vegetable protein, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate (both whey proteins providing high levels of natural essential amino acids and BCAA’s) needed to promote growth and add body weight.
  • High levels of Vitamin E to promote good health and growth.
  • Optimal levels of organic micro elements.

Recommended daily feeding rate: 8 oz.

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11 lb pail (22 day supply), 22 lb pail (44 day supply), 44 lb poly bag (88 day supply)

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