Pennwoods Bio Plus 60 2X

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Biotin & Hoof Condition Supplement

Pennwoods Bioplus 60 2X (Double Strength) is a blend of concentrated ingredients with optimum levels of biotin formulated to provide nutritional balance to your horse’s diet with improved hoof growth and quality.

When fed according to directions the unique combination of macro elements, organic micro elements, amino acids, vitamins and biotin will provide nutritional balance to your horse’s diet and a daily dose of 15 mg biotin to improve hoof quality and growth.

  • The added benefit of yeast culture improves digestion and feed efficiency.
  • Additional biotin will help correct poor hooves & increase hoof growth.

Recommended daily feeding rate: 2 oz.

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4 lb. pail (30 day supply), 8 lb. pail (60 day supply), 25 lb pail (200 day supply), 50 lb poly pag (400 day supply)

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