Pennwoods Nu-Life 2X – Pellet

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Breeding & Performance Supplement

In keeping with the Pennwoods horse feeding philosophy, meet our new and improved breeding and performance product, Nu Life 2X. After nearly two years of trials, we believe the addition of two levels of toxin binders add many benefits for breeding and performance animals.

When tested correctly, more than 50% of all forages and grains show some sort of mold and mycotoxin contamination which can cause feed refusal to serious breeding problems and even death. This additive will:

  • Help neutralize unseen mycotoxins allowing them to pass through your horse with no damage done;
  • Aid in removing or detoxing the mycotoxins presently in your horse’s system.

Recommended daily feeding rate: 3 oz.

Advantages of Pellets:

  • Excellent product for horses suffering from EMS, I/R, and laminitic conditions.
  • Improved palatability in pelletized form.

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6 lb pail, 20 lb pail, 40 lb poly bag

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