Pennwoods PEPY

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Digestive Aid

Pennwoods PEPY is a supplement providing probiotices, enzymes and prebiotics on a yeast culture carrier. It represents one of the most complete products available to today’s animal feeder.

  • Feeding Probiotics will increase beneficial microbes essential to hindgut health.
  • Feeding Enzymes increases starch digestion in the small intestine.
  • Feeding Prebiotics (non-digestible sugars) stimulates growth and activity of the bacteria in the colon.
  • Feeding Yeast culture will stabalize the intestinal environment, especially the hindgut.

Recommended daily feeding rate:

  • 10 lbs or less – 1 gram/day
  • 11 to 100 lbs – 2 grams/day
  • Above 200 lbs – 1 gram/100 lbs of body weight

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4.4 lb pail (200 day supply), 25 lb pail (1,136 day supply)

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