Pennwoods 2 to 12

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Milk Protein Fortified Foal Supplement

Pennwoods 2 to 12 is a blend of milk and vegetable protein, macro and organic micro elements and vitamins, specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition for foals up to 12 months. A horse will achieve 90% of their adult height and 45% to 65% of their weight at about 12 months of age. Pennwoods 2 to 12–Generation will provide
towards that goal:

  • Optimum levels of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey protein isolate (Nature’s Perfect Protein) and a good natural source of essential amino acids and BCAAs.
  • Ideal levels of vitamins–especially Vitamin E–to promote growth and good health.
  • The nutrients needed to upgrade most general horse feeds into a quality foal ration.
  • Peak levels of organic micro elements.

Recommended daily feeding rate: 1 oz. per 100 pounds of body weight, up to 8 oz.

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11 lb pail (22 day supply), 22 lb pail (44 day supply), 44 lb poly bag (88 day supply)

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